Good morning. I am Byeong-Gyu Choi,
who has been serving as the chairman since May 2021.

I'm not enough to take over as the president, so I'm worried about it. However, with the help of all of you, I am willing to do my best at the conference in the given circumstances. The Korea Insurance Law Association is an insurance law-specialized academic organization started in 1990 at the Insurance Law Research Association, founded by Professor Emeritus Seung-Kyu Yang of Seoul National University in 1990. In 2006, we received permission to establish the Korean Insurance Law Association from the Ministry of Justice, and Professor Seung-Kyu Yang was inaugurated as the first president. Our Insurance Law Association studies legal systems and theories related to insurance law, so all legal issues related to insurance industry activities can be said to be the interests of our society. Accordingly, this society is engaged in activities such as holding academic seminars from the perspective of the insurance industry and insurance consumers, researching domestic and international insurance law systems, and participating in the enactment and revision of the insurance law and insurance business law. In the future, I will carry out the work of our society with the following in mind.

First, we want to enhance the academic capacity of the Korean Insurance Law Association. To this end, we intend to promote projects such as faithful publication of academic journals, successful hosting of academic conferences, and derivation of professional research results related to insurance law.

Second, we want to reinforce the industry-academia-research cooperation relationship of the society. There are a number of topics that did not get the consent of the working world when the National Assembly revised the insurance-related laws. Our society will take the role of objectively evaluating and suggesting alternatives to issues that are sharply opposed to pros and cons.

Third, we will strive for international exchanges in the society. The weakness of our society is in the part of international exchange. Accordingly, we will make an English homepage and try to promote international academic exchanges with advanced insurance countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Fourth, we will conduct research to actively respond to the insurance law environment according to technological advances. We will deal with topics related to technological development such as AI, blockchain, and fintech environment and present solutions. In other words, whether big data and insurance premiums are allowed to be customized, insurance for civil liability due to Insuretech, AI, vibration kickboard and insurance, self-driving car and insurance, direct claims for real loss insurance, and other scientific and technological advances affect insurance. We will discover the subject, deal with it at the monthly precedent presentation and regular academic conferences, and seek solutions.

Fifth, we will expand the human and material base of the society through membership increase. In addition, we intend to contribute to society by sharing and sharing academic achievements with the industry and research institutes according to the purpose and purpose of our establishment.

Sixth, we want to promote information exchange and friendship among members. To this end, we plan to continuously operate the society's website and share information through newsletters.

Seventh, we will pay attention to improving the legal system and legal principles necessary for insurance reality, and introducing new rational laws and systems. We will gather opinions from academia and industry on this to address common interests.

The direction our society will go is self-evident. We will open the door of the society more prospectively and strive to communicate among members. While revitalizing academic research activities, we will seek out and support talents in the insurance law field, and strengthen solidarity and cooperation with policy authorities and industry, as well as foreign universities and academic organizations.

Above all, we will faithfully receive the hopes of our members who wish for the academic leap forward. We look forward to your unparalleled advice, criticism, cooperation, and active participation and support. Members are the only ones who can lean on to accomplish these tasks. Fortunately, the members of our society have outstanding abilities in each field. I firmly believe that when these competencies are combined, they will exert tremendous power. Now, let's improve our posture with our new determination, join hands and move forward! Once again, I would like to ask for your active participation and support, and this is a simple but simple greeting.

Thank you.

1st Mai 2021
Choi, Byeong-Gyu(President, Professor of Konkuk Law School)