Welcoming message from the President

Welcome to the homepage of the Korea Insurance Law Association (the ‘KILA’).

Originating from the ‘Insurance Law Research Group’ which has been operated for 16 years from 1990 to 2006, the KILA is newly launched out as an incorporated association that was approved by the Ministry of Justice on 12 July 2006 and was registered on 26
July 2006.

As a research organization based on close cooperation between academy and industry, the main objective of the KILA is to systematize the legal research which will become theoretical support of the insurance industry and to secure the establishment of an orderly insurance market. The KILA has 14 corporate members consisting of insurance companies and insurance-related organizations as well as 109 individual members (46 permanent members and 63 annual members) composed of businessmen, scholars and practicing lawyers. The KILA provides a variety of research services and activities regarding insurance law such as publishing its journal “Insurance Law Research” twice a year and holding seminars quarterly.

Moreover, the KILA reviews the judicial precedents and the legislation of leading countries such as U.K., U.S.A., Germany, France, Japan, etc., while promoting the globalization of Korean insurance law as the representative of Korea in AIDA.

The science of insurance can be divided into two areas, one is based on business administration, statistics, actuarial science, etc. and the other is based on law.
The former area has achieved a great success mainly owing to the active devotion of
the Korean Insurance Academic Society, but the latter are has not generated satisfactory outcomes yet. In light of this, the KILA will try to promote development of the insurance science of Korea in collaboration with the Korean Insurance Academic Society.

We would appreciate your keen interests and supports for the KILA so that the KILA may achieve its objectives, the improvement of the insurance culture and the growth of the insurance industry in Korea.

Thank you.

Yang, Seung-Kyu
President of the Korea Insurance Law Association